Week 6 – Big Game Project – The map of the Universe

This week, most of the work from last week continued. Our Teach Art, Kevin worked on the animations, Lead designer and Concept Artist Gustav concepted out our Logo and the Programmers continued building and play-testing the levels. We also moved from working with VPN, to SourceTree instead. It took our poor Programmer Erik a long time to set up, but in the end, we believe it was worth it. I continued with my work on the modular pieces, fixing faulty meshes, making highpoly versions, UV mapping and texturing.  When finished, I started on making the texture sets for the meshes I’d made. I made a Hexagonal Tiled Floor, two Stone plate variation textures, a Sandstone wall with a Hieroglyph variation for vertex painting (you can paint on textures with another, creating variations) and a beautiful Tiled Sandstone for the lusher parts of the level. All the textures were created in Substance Painter and B2M, two awesome programs from Algorithmic.

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Well, all of them except for the Texture Atlas (a large image containing a collection of sub-images/texture maps that you can use to texture different 3D models), that I modelled out and not just painted. Here you can see the 3D model:

Screenshot (98)This is a fun way to create Texture Atlases, you model out the shapes, creating whatever you want and always make sure that the textures all snap and are the correct resolution. Later it’s just importing into a painting program like Substance Painter and paint paint paint. By modelling it before, I get a free and quick Normal map (either bake it into another plane or use these settings below) and perfect an Ambient occlusion. fff

It also makes it super easy to paint in SP since you just paint the different faces, quickly applying things and minimizing colour bleeding. Here you can see the finished results seen in SP.

Layer 0

Here is how the finished modular pieces looks with the materials in-engine *picture later*.




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