Week 5 – Big Game Project – A helpful hand

This week started out with the team having to go to several meetings at school, going through our game and graphical art.  So, we lost a few hours and didn’t really get to work until Tuesday. From Tuesday and onward I worked with the game’s placeholders, fixing faulty assets that were the wrong size/didn’t look good and creating new placeholders from the Asset list. During that whole time, I also ran around helping everyone with technical and graphical issues.Screenshot (19).png

As I finished up the last placeholders, I imported the highpoly arms I made during the second week of development and started working on the arms in Substance Painter. I started off with baking a Normal map based on the Highpoly model onto the Lowpoly one.

After this I started on their texture, I used a skin material as a base but changed most of it to make it look better and fit our style.

For the sake of study and perhaps in helping others, I will go through my working process and show pictures of every stage.

  1. I started with the base colour. A light brown colour, since our player character is of mixed descent.
  2. I then created a layer with a lighter colour, in which I used for the palm and the backside of the underarm. I did this since a person naturally have colour variations in their skin and because the top of the arm usually gets more sunburned. Also, a light pink was added, as the palm is often a bit rosier in colour then the rest of the arm.
  3. Dots and skin bumps was added so it would look like skin and a red AO for between the fingers and where the clock occluded the skin.
  4. To make it look more natural, two layers of red and blue veins was added at random, using a generator for the masking.
  5. Highlights and Shadows were added for the stylistic choice we made for the game.
  6. Fingernails and dirt was added.
  7. And lastly a compass clock was drawn in.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

For the right hand, the same process was applied, only that I later added a “zombie” material to it and yellowed the nails.


Thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day! And if you want to see the finished results, you can see it down below.


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