Week 6 of Game Development, Pruning the twigs

Well, well. Here we are, the last week of game development and the day before the big presentation. The team have been working hard (still working, and probably will until there is only one minute left to the deadline), and we have now something pretty playable. At least much better then the last milestone, the Beta. There is a lot left to do though, and a lot that we can’t ever in a million years finish. But for us graphical artist there have been nothing new to do really. All the graphical artifacts are done, and almost all the sound ones too. So all the artifacts this week have just been about making some small fixes and touch-ups to our previous assets. Overall though, the biggest and most important artifact this week for me, and the one I’ll write about, have been the making of mock-ups for our Game Design Document.

So you might ask why I’m making mock-ups for our document, or you might even ask, weren’t you already finished with it? Well yes, we had “finished” it and turned it in. But unfortunately it was pretty lacking and we received a lot of feedback on what we could improve on. So this week and last week we have been working on the document. We have all been editing and adding new texts. But I’ve also taken on one of the bigger artifacts, of making mock-ups. As the biggest complaint on our document was the lack of pictures explaining movements and the likes. This is something we all agreed on lacked last time. But it was something we didn’t prioritized doing or implementing last time around. It wasn’t until later we realized its actual importance. As pictures often more easily convey information and it can make it more bearable reading a wall of text. And like the saying goes, a picture says more then a thousand words.

So, in the making of these mock-ups, I decided to go with a pretty simplistic style. So I outlined the walls instead of using the actual background pictures, and also added outlines to the enemies and the ship to make them stand out more. I used the actual sprites from the game, to make it easier to see what’s what. Instead of having shapes like squares representing them. I think this was a good choice. But hindsight, I think it would have been better if I made the sprites in solid color. Since all the details on the ship might make it a bit cluttery, and harder to read. It also might clash a bit with the more clean comic style. But I think in the end it does its job well enough.

Here you can see some of the mock-ups I made for the document.


Thanks for reading my reflections, and I hope you had a fun read! This is the last one for this course too! S o nobody will be unnecessarily tortured again, well unless you chose to read it 😉

Bye bye, have a nice day!


2 thoughts on “Week 6 of Game Development, Pruning the twigs

  1. Hello! I can certainly relate to the whole ”no new graphics, all code” bit. Our team went through the same thing, missing certain features in the game and reworking the design document. It is nice to see the final images but it would also be nice to see the in game sprites as they were originally designed. I am also of the belief that making the sprites a solid colour could have improved the mock-ups, but the way they are now works just as well. Regardless of the colouring I would also add various markers and symbols to the pictures, like arrows to indicate movement, just to make things crystal clear. Other than that though I think you made a pretty good job with them, of course, since we are working (or is it ”worked” now) on the same project it was easier for me to understand the images than it might be for someone else.

    We have all been working like crazy and that worked has payed off in one way or another. A good final post with some solid information to the reader, though it could do with the improvements listed. Best of luck in your next project!


  2. Yeah, towards the end there wasn’t very much to do for us artists, aside from tweaking and making variations that couldn’t even be implemented due to time restraints. A little unfair to the programmers, I think.

    I think you did a good job with the mock-ups, they are very clear and crisp, although I agree that a more stylised version with flat-coloured sprites would have been more thematically uniform.
    I’m also a little at loss as to what the hornet that’s cut in half is supposed to represent, my guess is that it self-destructs in some way following its attack. It would have been nice to see some explanatory captions under each image.

    I would also have liked to know what program you used for this one, my guess is Photoshop but having an explicit mention is much preferable.
    I think that you did the right thing in going with a more simplistic style, it really makes it clear what the different objects are and what their relation to each other is.

    I must admit that when it came to images in the design document we didn’t prioritise that either, even though, in hindsight, we probably should have. It’s an easy mistake to make, but we’re here to learn, right?

    All in all, well done. Hope to see more awesome stuff in the next course!


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