Last week, The final countdown!

This week was the final week for the course, so this was my final assignment. We got two things we had to do. One already drawn environment that we had to shade and one rough sketch we had to make solid. This assignment was pretty fun to do but took up a lot of time. Mostly because I’ve had a few problems with my tablet, first losing my pen and then the actual tablet deciding not to work. So everything took a long time to do, since pretty much every line I drew became automatically wobbly. But in the end everything worked out, as a good friend of mine lent me a spare tablet!

The first assignment I started with was the character. I started with drawing out the stick figure to get pose down. When that was done I started to flesh it out with the cylinders and the boxes. As soon as I had the 3D shape, I gave the character his clothes. Seeing the original picture, I thought it looked a lot like a cowboy. So I drew in all the usual cowboy clothes like it was in the picture. But I decided on giving the character more tight-fitting pants. When adding the finishing touches I remembered a picture our teacher had shown us before. A picture from the comic blueberry. So I decided to try to add some in of the line shading they had in the comic, something that look a lot like my normal sketching style. I think it added a lot of character to it. And I’m pretty OK with the finished results.

rough Construction_AmandaSvenssonAlavi

As I finished the previous assignment I started on the other one. I first wanted to make it into a sunset kind of picture. But after discussing with a few friends, I decided on making it into a moonlit night. I started with drawing out the moon in the sky and by using the magical wand I added in the sky and clouds with different brushes. When finished with drawing out the light source I coloured in the whole city with a dark grey colour. I then went in with a light grey and started lighting out the buildings hit with the moonlight. I added some highlights with a white brush to some buildings that was the closest to the moon. With this over I picked out a dark dark grey and drew out all the shadows and gave the objects a dimensional feeling to it. When finished I felt like something was lacking. So I decided that draw in some Chinese lanterns floating on the water. Adding in another small light source. Thinking this looked a bit eerie, instead of backing down, I decided to go all out with adding a kind of smoky fog and small ethereal light blobs. I then added a small quote to really make it extra dark!


Taking this course have been so much fun and I’ve learnt so much! When I started out, I couldn’t really draw and now, I think I’m at least adept at it. The tools I’ve learnt have made it possible for someone like me to actually being able to draw something. I’ve learnt how to create characters from the ground up, adding dimensions, drawing vivid poses and learning how to draw other things then a random heart in my book now and then. And the tips I’ve learnt in Photoshop have been invaluable. I now use the blending options all the time, making it much easier to colour in line-art. And being able to use that mask, have allowed me to make bolder decisions, as I’m no longer afraid of removing something I might need (and I don’t have to have million of layers). All in all, I think this course have so far been the one I liked the most out of all I’ve had. And definitely the one that gave me the most experience!


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