A whole new wooorld, week 6 shading

This week my assignment were to correctly shade my character and place it in a believable scene. For me, this was an unbelievable hard assignment to do. I had absolutely no experience of shadowing, specially since I pretty much learnt how to draw at all from this course. And me being really indecisive about what environment to place Sam in, made it even more impossibly hard for me. Finally I chose to place Sam in an alleyway, in the moment when the portal opened for the first time. This meant I had to massively change the facial expression from a forward smug looking face, to a more neutral/surprised look that faced the portal.
When this was done, I started thinking of what perspective I wanted and where/what my focal points would be. I decided to do a one point perspective scene, a bit to the right, to really make the alley feel never ending. I also decided that I wanted two main focal points. The portal and the character. So I used the composition focal points trick to find out where they would be. I decided that I didn’t want them to be exactly in the middle, so I chose to place the portal over both of the left points and the character on the bottom right one. I also later gave the character its own focal points, on the medallion firstly and the face secondly.
After drawing everything in, I started to try to correctly shade everything. And being a crazy person, I choose not one, not two, but three light sources. The portal, the medallion and also back-light from the city. I started with shading the background, using the back-light first as a light source. I did this by giving the buildings small ”light halos”, making it look like the light came from the back (I later did this to the character as well). I also made the buildings further away a lighter shade. After this I started with the biggest light source, the portal. The portal being a pretty dim light source, meant the scene would still be pretty dark (with dark shadows). But giving objects, especially metal ones, a small glint. When I was done with shading the scene, I started with the character. This was the hardest part, seeing as the character was affected by three different light sources. Wanting the medallion to be another focal point, I made it glow a little bit, but still be affected by the main light source, the portal (massive glint$). Wanting the face to be a secondary focal point, I lightened up the gradient there. When done, I added the character’s casting shadow (two, one from back-light and one stronger one from the portal), I also added in the shadow cast from the beam onto the character, this unfortunately shadowing the face and upper body a bit.

Now as its finished, I feel like Sam is overwhelmingly under-shaded. I think I’ll visit back to fix the shading at a later date.



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