Hey, look over there! Week 3, Perspective

This week my assignment were to draw an air plane and a car in a two-point perspective scene. For me, this was a really challenging assignment to draw. I did have some basic knowledge of perspective from when I was younger. But I’ve always been really bad at it. And it didn’t help either that I often remake things over and over again, because I feel its not good enough (can drag out the time). But when drawing this assignment, I remembered what we were taught and used these tools to be able to make something I haven’t been able before.

Right from the beginning it was quite easy. I drew in the horizon line and the two vanishing points a bit higher then right in the middle, because I wanted a half overlooking view point. Then I decided the drawing area, where I wanted all the vehicles and objects in. When this was done, I used the tool that we learn to draw ground surface. So that the roads (and future roads), building and other objects would be in a constant proportion in a 3D grid. Doing this really helped me later when drawing things in the scene, and it also allows me to add future things if I feel like it. When this was finished I began drawing the house. Here I used the tool of dividing space within grid-lines to make it easier to add possible windows. I also used this tool later when adding windows to the car and finding the right spot to draw in the top fin for the air plane.
I then started on making the car. Early on I decided that I wanted an old styled car to fit with the propeller plane that I would later draw. It went pretty well for a while, as I just added one box on top of another, but it soon started to get really difficult as I started on the wheels. They kept looking really 2D and out of perspective no matter how I twisted them. Then I remembered to draw the “little handle” from the vanishing point. Flip it 90 degrees and then just add an ellipses. So when I was finished with this I started on the plane. At this point it was much easier to do everything, as I just used the same tools as before. But I also used the tool of extruding to make the fins and wings.
It was a pretty challenging assignment this week. It could sometimes be really hard to keep track at which line was for what, as they kept crossing each other all over. Also making the spheres, was weirdly enough really hard for me. But all my problems was easily solved in the end, by just remembering to always make sure that the lines went directly from the vanishing points.
With the help from lines and vanishing points it was easier to understand from what angel an object was seen from and how to make it look 3D and in right perspective.




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