Week 2, Constructing a character

This week I had to choose one thumbnail out of my twenty, that I made last week. I had to choose one, because our assignment this week was to construct a character out of it. This, for me was really hard. It took almost the whole week to settle on one idea. But I finally did it, and I think I’ve made a good choice.
I chose the androgynous Asian child. I did this because I felt it was the most special one, and very different to the “normal” main character. As in normal, always being a twenty year old woman or a big burly white man. So I felt it would be really fun to have not only a child, but a minority, an Asian (that actually looks Asian!!). But most importantly an androgynous character. A character that would be its own character no matter what gender the player chose.
So, the character Sam is supposed to be a smart, tough, stubborn and sometimes a bit snarky. To convey this, I started with first deciding the pose. I chose to give Sam a very straight pose, with the shoulders held back a bit to show a bit toughness. I also made one fist closed, for a bit of “strength”. And one hand open, a bit wondrous, to show a hint of intelligence. I also gave Sam a small smirk, for that bit of snarky feel. I also choose to make the eyes a bit larger then normal Asian eyes, to really show that Sam still got some of that child like naivete. The body shape I tried to make as androgynous as possible. You should be able to look at Sam and think; Ah yeah that’s a girl.. or maybe it’s a boy?
I didn’t want the whole character to change or become maybe more “feminized” when it was a girl, or more “masculine” when it was a boy. I wanted something right in between.
After getting the pose down I started on the clothes. In this version of the earth, everything was a bit dark and gritty. When I thought of this I saw a bit of a futuristic and apocalyptic clothing style. So I gave Sam a pair of balloon trousers. Both for comfort, as Sam is a very moving character. But also for style, as balloon trousers are often used in avant garde shows (often futuristic styles). I then gave Sam a hoodie, because Sam seemed like a character that would like to hide a bit, since Sam often “sneaked” around town. In that mind of thought, Sam also got some sneakers. I gave Sam a very futuristic and Asian hairstyle too. Something that could work for both girls and boys.
And then, the most important part. I drew the medallion. A shape and motif after a traditional Korean necklace. I drew it a bit floating in the air, to show the magic in it, and to single it out.



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