Start of my journey, 2D Computer Graphics, Week Uno~

This week I for the first time started to learn how to draw. Le gasp. We started by having some croquis lessons, and then got our first assignment! *Here is my reflections
This week I chose the concept “Clash of Heavens”. It seemed like a challenge since it had quite a vague character description. Only that the character should be tough, stubborn and a bit snarky. And that the character lives in a modern dark and gritty version of our time. It wasn’t either determined if it should be a woman or a man (the player could choose which gender they wanted of the same character).
So I choose to make thumbnails of all kinds of characters. Characters of all genders, even androgynous, of all ages, body types and races. But they all had the same kind of poses that radiated “spiritual” strength. With a bit of a crazy and cocky personality.
I mainly focused on the body type and posture of the characters and less on the details (so you might not see the different races). But I wanted them all to have a clothing style that reminds of sci-fi or apocalyptic styles you see on TV. Mainly because this is the feeling I got when I thought of what people would look like in a more gritty and dark version of our world. But I also wanted a few clothing styles of how the character might look like when they crossed over to the other dimensions. Maybe like a style fusion between our world and all the different deities worlds.



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